New Super Mario Bros. 2 Review

The ‘New Super Mario Bros. 2’ is an engaging, addictive game which will have you battling away for hours on end. This review explores this fun game and reveals what players love about it.

First off, this is a fairly easy game. In fact, compared to Mario games of old, NSMB2 is much easier. But don’t make the mistake of thinking there are no challenges in the game, because you’ll have an exciting time crossing all levels and solving quests. But if you’re a seasoned Mario games player, you’ll find this one a tad more lighter to play than the others.

And what if you aren’t? Well, if you die enough times in this game, you’ll be presented with an option to utilise the super mario raccoon suit, the golden one, which makes you pretty much invincible to nearly everything except for falling off the level.

So just know that nobody really fails at this game.

The new power-up items in the game are ‘fire flower’ and ‘super mushroom’. And the old ones ‘mini mushroom’ and ‘mega mushroom’ are nice but you don’t get much opportunities to use them.
The ‘golden fire flower’ is a cool power-up as it makes Mario a super badass fighter, smashing bricks and battling bad guys in a gold frenzy.